Monday, October 29, 2007

Something new

The other weekend I was home alone for three and a half days with nothing to do but study for midterms. And cook!

I love these chicken stir fry wraps! And yes, I watch Martha Stewart. Already preparing for retirement in my own way (although, how could she still be on when I retire??? Now that would be scary...)

Of course I had to wear my apron. And of course we have no light in our little kitchen.

The next morning I declared "waffle morning" and ate entirely too many waffles. I believe the recipe said "serves 6" or some such ridiculous number of people. I believe they meant 6 ants (or perhaps people of regularly sized appetites...pshaw).

I also have been doing much blog-surfing (too much) and Etsy (window) shopping. The perils of midterms week. Oh, and a reminder to myself :, for my next pair of glasses (much thanks to the girls in my draping class for the suggestion). I just need to figure out my new prescription - all the glasses are cute! I wonder how they are so cheap?!

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