Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Decorating the walls

The moment I saw this, I fell in love (and though I know I have seen it several times since, I have not been able to find any of the sources!)
So, this past week I found the perfect thing to begin my own set of plates while at my favorite store back home, essentials:

Actually, I wanted this whole set of Thomas Paul Sea Life plates as well as the shell coasters and giant tortoise serving tray, but who can justify all that melamine? Anyway, I just got the one goldfish. And I love it.
Then today, I go to read The Pioneer Woman and she had posted about this wonderful decoupage tray by John Derian she impulse-bought years ago. Sounds like my kind of thing, obviously. Except for the price tag. But hey, maybe someday I can afford a $48 5 3/4" plate to hang on my wall and stare at. Or maybe it will just serve as more inspiration for the rest of my plates...

And a bell jar, for good measure.

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Susan said...

Katherine are you going to register for gifts for the wedding or are you not into that type of thing? Susan