Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finding an Engagement Ring

Because the ring is the first thing everyone wants to know about (or second, after "When's the date") I thought I'd write a little about mine, and my experience looking for an unusual ring! (Mine is the middle one below!)

When we started talking about engagement and W asked me to send him pictures of rings I liked, I realized that what I wanted was something we both loved that was unique (and inexpensive). So I avoided the diamond solitaire like the plague and looked for different stones (sapphire, garnet), and details! And vintage rings are an option I love!
The rings above, including my own, are all from the Marlene Harris Collection. I looked into other vintage, estate, and antique ring sites, as well:
Fay Cullen
Weston Jewelry

I also looked at rings at Kay, Zales, Macy's, and other jewelry and department stores. Rather than looking through the typical engagement rings, I looked through the cocktail rings and alternative stones to diamonds. There are a lot of really beautiful and interesting ones!

Finally, here is another LOVE of mine (in fact, I might have to buy myself one or ask for it as a gift because I love it so much). It's nontraditional but I think it has a beautiful sentiment, and is so nice and simple! Forget-Me-Knot ring by Kiel Mead (photo from Elsewares)

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