Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's unusual about this picture?

My hair? (It's long now!)
My dorm? the Mac PhotoBooth picture? no and no...
The ring on my finger! Of course! I'm engaged, and things are craaaazzyyyyy, but great. Everyone who even knows this blog exists has heard the story in person, so I will let a photo from my phone do all the talking about the proposal itself.

So now of course all I want to do is read wedding blogs and hang out with W, hence the new favorites added to my sidebar. But, in the next few months, that is probably all I will want to blog about - wedding planning, of course.

Here's to an exciting New Year!


Anonymous said...

You are so ridiculous. I LOVE YOU. THIS SHIT IS SO CUTE. Seriously though, I don't know anything about this other than that it is gonna go down. Tell me when and where!!!???? Also how it happened because i read this and you did not ever tell me in person because we havent seen each other in decades.

<3 Caitlin McLoughlin

Moo said...

すごいよ! :O
You should let me know when and if I can come!! Well at any rate, I'll be there in spirit too! It's too bad, I wanna make your cake XD!!

Ella Pink said...

KATZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell us on LJ!!! Otherwise I never know anything about you!!!! I'll try to come here~~