Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dorm room shopping

This weekend is tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, which means Mom and I will be doing all my back-to-college-now-with-kitchen shopping Saturday (as we have a wedding to attend on Sunday! Congrats to my cousin). The list is long of things we need but highlights are:
-George Foreman grill - hoping for a multifunction one with the waffle iron option! Mmmmm waffles
-A big ol' kitchen set with measuring cups, spatulas, a grater... I saw a nice looking set on Target's website that's probably cheaper than buying individually.
-A toaster? Really, will we have room for this? I hope so. Especially if the waffle iron doesn't come through (I need my waffles, frozen or not)
And so, I am looking into Corelle sets. Because we have them at home and they are quite sturdy (not to mention safe for use everywhere, and cheap..)

This is too much. And the kind of thing that I will like for a day and then find ridiculous. Yet, I don't want just a plain old white set, even if we will probably drop many of them...

Simple. Bad? Good? I don't know.

Looking at these again, I don't think I really like them.
I guess I will have to ask the roommate her opinion!

In my dream world, I'd buy sets of dishes from Utsuwa-no-Yakata. There's a store in Mitsuwa (Japanese marketplace, Edgewater, NJ - among others). And I always love Asian food. Too bad I couldn't find photos of my favorite set!

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