Friday, August 10, 2007

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell...

Well, I can tell that we aren't gonna be friends, Sodexho.

Sodexho is a provider of food at my university. Generally, our meal plan is centered around a debit card that can be used at restaurants around campus, but Sodexho provides the food to our campus center. Unfortunately, they are awful. Awful meaning, 45 minutes to get a plain bagel awful. Good thing I could avoid them last year.

This year:
"The total sophomore mandatory Colonial Cash dining spending remains unchanged at
$2,500. However, beginning with the 07/08 academic year, $500 of the $2,500
($250 per semester) are considered the Sodexho dining funds and must be spent
within the 13 different Sodexho managed dining venues"

Okay, okay, and if I don't use it, it rolls over and I'm supposed to spend it next semester, until eventually, you give it back when I never spend it, like all my other funds, right?

"All unused Colonial Cash and Sodexho dining funds will roll over from the end of
the fall semester into the spring semester. However any unused Sodexho dining
funds will expire and be forfeited at the end of the spring semester"

Well, great. Great. When I can be a little more eloquent, I'm going to come up with a complaint to e-mail, but now I'm just angry!


In happier news, my fall schedule is set and ready so I can purchase my $450 of books any time now. Whoo!

History of Decorative Arts: European Heritage (3)
Changing styles of European furniture, textiles, ceramics, and glass in the context of general trends in art history and changing patterns in economic, technological, social, and cultural history. From antiquity to the modern age.

Biological Anthropology (4)
Survey of human evolution, genetics and physical variation, and primatology. Regular laboratory exercises.

Advanced Chinese I–II (3–3)
Continuation of reading of texts, essay writing practice, and oral presentation and discussion. (Academic year)

European Civilization in Its World Context (3)
Introduction to the history of Europe and the West, emphasizing primary sources and their interpretation. Hist 40: From 1715 to the present.

Pattern Making (3)
The study of pattern drafting and draping methods, based on contemporary and historical clothing, through lecture and class work.

Excuse me as I do a little dance over the last one.

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Paige said...

Sodexho is French, so it just goes to prove my point that the French generally suck. Great blog, xo, Paige