Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little love for my MacBook's built-in-camera

It may be true that I will never be good at baking. Maybe it's just too close to chemistry. And I did not enjoy chemistry.

I've started to learn to cook, trying out different recipes from Cooking Light and my mom's cookbooks. My photos aren't beautiful (and note the black pancake at the bottom of the pile), but it's been going well (unlike the cookies)!

This Sunday was my cousin's wedding and it was a beautiful ceremony in Miranda's parents' yard. They won't know it's here, but congratulations Miranda and Cleo! It was grea to see the family, many of whom I have never met/seen since I was a baby!
I wore a dress that I made over a year ago and finally hemmed recently.

The belt was from an estate sale in New Jersey.

Then put on my apron for the first of several unsatisfactory baking attempts.

The apron is still in-progress. My roommate and I decided to make the silliest, most ridiculous aprons we could for the coming school year in celebration of having a kitchen in our dorm room.

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Galadriel Thompson said...

Lookin' snazzy!

Howdy doll: )